Why is DHA important for children?

Importance of DHA in children’s growth and development. DHA is essential for optimal brain function, good eyesight, and normal behavior.

Understanding Digital Eye Strain on Children’s Vision

We are spending more time looking at digital screen than we do sleeping. As Covid-19 pandemic continue to grip our lives, outdoor activities will be limited. Your kids may have gotten used to the new norm with increased usage of digital devices for both education and recreation purposes

Understanding Covid-19 Pandemic impact on children’s vision

The Covid-19 pandemic is unlike anything the world has ever experienced and its spread is affecting the lives of millions including your children.

Can Vitamin C protect you against Covid-19?

Vitamin C helps boost immune system against virus attack.

Sentiasa Berada Di Rumah! Ini Makanan Tambahan Yang Diperlukan Anak-Anak Untuk Kekal Sihat & Kuat.

For Brain Development And Better Sleep


Omega-3 EPA + DHA untuk Anak Anda

DHA atau asid dokosaheksaenoik ialah sejenis asid lemak omega-3. Ia sama seperti asid alfa-linoleik (ALA) dan asid ekosapentaenoik (EPA).1,2 ALA merupakan rantai asid lemak yang berasal daripada kumpulan omega-3 yang bertukar menjadi EPA dan kemudiannya menjadi DHA 1,3,4.

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