Comic – Nature’s Way Kids A+ – Kids Friendly Immunity Hero

It’s the cold & flu season! To increase Alex immunity towards cold & flu, Alex’s mom set out to find kids-friendly solution for him.

Comic – Nature’s Way Kids A+ – Alex’s Growth Supporter

In order for Alex to achieve the best in his studies, Alex’s mom is always searching for the best support and solution for him. Now she has found one.

Comic – Nature’s Way Kids A+ – The Solution Against Blue Light

Alex’s mom brings Alex to the hospital to check on his eyes condition due to his complaint about eyes discomfort. Upon checkup, it is identified that the cause is the blue light from digital devices. What would the doctor suggests Alex’s mom to do?

Comic – Nature’s Way Kids A+ – Smart Mom Versus The Picky Eater Son

Alex is a picky eater. If he continues on with this picky eating habit,he will face nutrient deficiency. Worrying about Alex, Alex’s mom set out to find the solution and she found it!

Comic – Nature’s Way Kids A+ – Alex’s Secret To Success

Alex is lagging in his study. Worrying about Alex’s study and well-being, Alex’s mother set out on a journey to find the secret to help Alex’s to get back on track of success.

Comic – Nature’s Way Kids A+ – The Epic Protectors In Action!

Alex wants to go out however his mother forbids him from doing so due to viruses. But a team of superheroes is here to save the day!

Comic – Nature’s Way Kids A+ – Alex’s Chinese Niu Year

Alex’s mother found the perfect alternative to improve his unhealthy snacking habits! Find out how in this web comic series

Article – Nature’s Way – Life Transforming Journey For Two – By Linda

One day, I took my mother to the doctor after she complained of indigestion. The doctor who is also a family friend looked at us and immediately ordered us to undergo a medical check-up.

I clearly remember the day when our usually mild-mannered family doctor shows us our medical results. He was furious! We were not only overweight, our readings for cholesterol level, blood sugar level, and blood pressure were dangerously high – classic symptoms of metabolic syndrome (more about metabolic syndrome later).

Article – Nature’s Way – Uncle Don, from Active To Standstill and his Revival – By Rachel

Rachel lives with her retired father fondly known as Uncle Don. Although retired, Uncle Don leads a busy life. Every morning by 5am, he can be seen at the local playground exercising with his friends. By 6.30am, he would then head to the local pasar pagi for his breakfast. Then, he would bring home my favorite food and ensures I had a good breakfast before heading off to work.

Then the pandemic hit us. All are to stay at home. Uncle Don detests this as he values his independence and mobility and is never known to sit still.

Article – Nature’s Way – Slowing My Time Bomb – By Sofea

As a business consultant in a large corporation, I used to ask my clients what are their priorities in life? The frequently mentioned is accumulating wealth. Rarely good health is mentioned.  

But the Covid-19 pandemic have me thinking of how fragile life is. To think a virus which is not considered a living being can destroy life and economies. Though economies around the world have been impacted, I have come to appreciate the saying from Ralph Waldo Emerson, “The first wealth is health.”

Article – Nature’s Way – Feels Good To Be Strong – Tired & Demotivated – by Amy

I am a very social and out-going person. I am 29 years old and have been working hard because I am aiming for a managerial post that will be vacant soon (my colleague is returning overseas). It will be a great achievement to be promoted to a managerial role at my age. My parents would be proud.

But the start of Movement Control Order (MCO) brought by Covid-19 pandemic changed.

Article – Nature’s Way – Feels Good To Be Strong – I am guilty of “Pandemic Weight Gain” – by Hana

I am fanatic when it comes to K-Dramas. I watch one after the other. Crushing on different oppas, envied on the starlets’ strong characters, and falling in love with the story lines.

As I envied the starlets, I try to emulate their strong and lean bodies. This is what motivated me into getting a life transformation regime – I worked out!

Article – Nature’s Way – Why is DHA important for children?

Importance of DHA in children’s growth and development. DHA is essential for optimal brain function, good eyesight, and normal behavior.

Article – Nature’s Way – Understanding Digital Eye Strain on Children’s Vision

We are spending more time looking at digital screen than we do sleeping. As Covid-19 pandemic continue to grip our lives, outdoor activities will be limited. Your kids may have gotten used to the new norm with increased usage of digital devices for both education and recreation purposes

Article – Nature’s Way – Understanding Covid-19 Pandemic impact on children’s vision

The Covid-19 pandemic is unlike anything the world has ever experienced and its spread is affecting the lives of millions including your children.

Article – Nature’s Way – Can Vitamin C protect you against Covid-19?

Vitamin C helps boost immune system against virus attack.

Press Ad & Article – The Asian Parent – Sentiasa Berada Di Rumah! Ini Makanan Tambahan Yang Diperlukan Anak-Anak Untuk Kekal Sihat & Kuat.

Kerajaan telah mengisytiharkan perintah kawalan pergerakan yang dilanjutkan sehingga 28 April ini bagi memutuskan rantaian penularan Covid-19. Perkara yang perlu ditekankan adalah sentiasa memastikan anak-anak kekal sihat dan kuat bagi mengharungi waktu sukar yang sedang melanda seluruh dunia.

Press Ad & Article – The Star – How Omega-3 DHA can help with your child brain development & better sleep?

Many kids nowadays lead busy lives, especially when exam time is around the corner. Parents also plan various educational activities throughout the day to maximize their child’s intellectual potential and help him rise to the top of the class.

Press Ad & Article – The Star – Your Health

As a parent, have you ever wish you could do more for your child’s future? You can start by helping them in their education and stay ahead in their studies

Press Ad & Article – Sinar Harian – Omega-3 EPA + DHA untuk anak anda

DHA atau asid dokosaheksaenoik ialah sejenis asid lemak omega-3. Ia sama seperti asid alfa-linoleik (ALA) dan asid ekosapentaenoik (EPA).1,2 ALA merupakan rantai asid lemak yang berasal daripada kumpulan omega-3 yang bertukar menjadi EPA dan kemudiannya menjadi DHA 1,3,4.


Watch our Vita Gummies friends on their Epic Tales as they help Alex become Smart,Tall and Strong. Join them as they go through everyday situations while bringing inanimate objects to life. Each character represents different products with their own personalities.

Episode 1: Meet Our Vita Gummies

Meet each of our lovable Vita Gummies characters as they go on their Epic Tales.

Episode 2: Meet Our Bubbliest Vita Gummy, Chi Chi and Barry, the Wisest Vita Gummy

Join Barry and Chi Chi as they discuss the benefits of zinc and vitamin C for your kids’ health and development.

Episode 3: We’re Thankful For Our Vitamins

Our lovable Vita Gummies are back! Catch them in this latest episode as they sing their favorite song “We’re Thankful For Our Vitamins”.

We’re Thankful For Our Vitamins
(Extended Singalong Edition)

Your kids wanted it so here it is! Catch our VitaGummies in an extended version to give them more time to singalong with the video. Turn up the volume and let your kids enjoy the song.

Meet Our Hungriest Vita Gummy, Pikki along with her friends Mo & Bluey

Another Vita Gummy Adventure! Watch as Pikki, Mo & Bluey as they discuss the importance of each of their vitamins to your kids’ health, growth & development.

It’s Sepak Takraw Time with Our Vita Gummies

Catch our Vita Gummies as they play one of Malaysia’s favorite sport; Sepak Takraw! Who will win? Find out right here!

The Epic Tales Galaxy Attack

Our galaxy is under attack 😟 But have no fear, the Vita Gummies are here!
Catch Chi Chi, Barry, and Moo on their epic battle to fight off alien germs, keeping the world safe and sound with their awesome powers of Vitamin C, Zinc, and Calcium 🛡

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