Nature’s Way Kids A+ Omega 3 Fish Oil 511mg Chewable Softgel 50s

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Nature’s Way Kids A+ Omega 3 Fish Oil 511mg Chewable Softgel 50s

Brain-building Nutrients for Kids’ Vital Years

Omega-3 fatty acids-docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is vital for a kid’s developing brain. It supports good memory, cognitive capabilities, reading ability, vision capabilities, concentration, and behavior.

Our No. 1 Selling Product since 2009 is getting a facelift – Improved formula, Improved taste, Improved look!

Improved formula – Uses premium Tuna fish oil from Tuna harvested from deep cold sea.
Improved taste – Our fish oil undergoes ‘deodorized’ technology to ensure no fishy odour. Plus, Nature’s Way winning taste profile combining Strawberry with berry burst that kids would love.
Safe – Our fish oil undergoes ‘Molecularly distillation’ to remove all harmful heavy metals contaminants commonly found in fish that is toxic to body.

Delicious, 98% sugar-free chewable softgel.
It is a delicious, convenient, and enjoyable supplement that kids will willingly take.

Benefits of key nutrients:
– Promote healthy brain development.
– Promote healthy vision development.
– Promote stronger cognitive function.
– Promote stronger learning and thinking capabilities.

– Delicious Strawberry with berry burst flavor.
– No fishy-taste.
– Fun ways to consume – chew and burst or twist and squirt.
– No. 1 Kids Supplement Brand from Australia.


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