Nature’s Way Kids A+ Chewable Milk Calcium Bites With DHA 60s

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Nature’s Way Kids A+ Chewable Milk Calcium Bites With DHA 60s

Not Just Milk! Healthy Snack for Growing Kids

Kids like snacks! Here is a healthy snack you will enjoy giving and they will enjoy eating. Nature’s Way Kids A+ Milk Calcium Bites is made from Premium Australian milk enriched with kid-friendly nutrients (Calcium, DHA & Inulin) to support growth and development.

Benefits of key nutrients:

  • Promote healthy bones and teeth.
  • Promote healthy brain and good vision.
  • Promote healthy gut and stronger immunity.
  • Benefits of kids-friendly nutrients
  • Calcium to develop healthy bones.
  • DHA to develop healthy cognitive function.
  • Inulin to support healthy probiotic growth.


  • Each milk buttons contains premium quality Australian milk with Calcium, DHA, Inulin.
  • Made with premium milk from Australian cows that are grass-fee and free-range.
  • Delicious vanilla flavored chewable button that kids love to eat.
  • Produced by Australia No. 1 Kids brand that is rusted by parents for its quality and safety.
  • An affordable, convenient, and healthy snack for daily use.


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